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Over the years, many companies have rewarded Marketing Week hacks by sending in all manner of freebies. Pizzas, soft toys, beer, inflatable snowballs, you name it, and the chances are that MW staff have scrummaged around a crate of booty.

Everyone was happy, but then tragedy struck. An unsuspecting reporter, busily investigating yet another hard-hitting story, was stopped in her tracks as she tried to make up for working through her lunch hour by chomping a biscuit sent by an unnamed confectionery company. A loud crack could be heard across the office, as said reporter recoiled in the pain that only those who have suffered a broken a tooth will understand.

To add insult to agonising injury, the dentist’s bill to fix the problem came to &£80. The Diary is tempted to name the offending biscuit, purely as a warning to others. But as it is rather partial to them, all will be forgiven if another batch is sent to the usual address…


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