We have the technology, but also good old brand values

The fast growth of internet-based technologies and online social media tools designed specifically to help the contact centre industry manage brand reputation is extremely compelling (MW 3 September) – we’re now essentially able to embrace what we’ve always strived to achieve/ deeper and broader relationships with customers.

In touch: Brand immersion is key
In touch: Brand immersion is key

We all know, as consumers ourselves, that successful relationships with brands are built on responding to what we feel are relatively simple needs, but actually understanding these needs, implementing the necessary processes to respond to these and making sure they are orchestrated to our liking requires an extremely sophisticated approach.

But by doing so – by giving the customers what they want, when they want it and through the right contact channels, and doing this intelligently (especially when dealing with customers over the phone or by email), brand reputation is not just protected but hugely enhanced.

While exploring the latest interaction techniques is a vital factor in unifying brands with consumers, good old-fashioned immersion by contact centre agents in the brand and all it stands for – and careful data analysis – continues to be fundamental.

By combining the two, brands will flourish and prosper – which is critical in these challenging times.

Mark Osman,
Head of Client Development


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