We7 hopes anti-Valentine’s playlist campaign will create “fans for life”

Music streaming service We7 is partnering with Match.com for a February promotion that offers users the chance to send their Valentines – and ex-Valentines – love and hate-themed playlists.


The musical e-cards, which will be cross-promoted on both sites, will also offer users free trials for Match.com or We7, depending on which site they are not currently subscribed to.

Mark McCulloch, We7’s vice president of marketing, says the music brand is hoping to appeal to a broad range of consumers around the February period, including single people to whom traditional “lovey dovey” Valentine’s activity does not appeal.

He adds: “This plays on the nostalgic theme of making mixtapes but highlights the fact that We7 simplifies and speeds up the process. If we explain We7 to anyone it usually just takes 30 seconds of them using it to become fans for life, so we hope this can go viral.”

Users can choose from three themed radio stations to send via We7 or Facebook: “A Little Crush”, to be sent in an attempt to woo potential partners; “Tainted Love” for ex-lovers and single friends to celebrate their independence and empowerment, including songs such as Kelis’ “Caught Out There” and Jay Z’s “99 Problems”; and “You’re Still the One”, a station to win back an ex.

Last year We7 said it was looking to introduce more interactive elements to its offering to encourage users to stay viewing its site and engaging with ads while they listen to its music.


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