We7 tunes in to twitter

We7, the advertising-funded free, legal on-line jukebox, is now available through micro-blogging medium twitter.

Users of We7 can now share their music through their twitter status. They will be able to click, listen, share and buy music.

Advertising funded “free” online music models have recently come under the spotlight with the rapid take up of Spotify and the demise of SpiralFrog. Speculation remains over if they can source enough advertising revenues to make them viable businesses in the long term.

We7 already has partnerships with facebook, bebo and other social media and offers the ability to deliver integrated campaigns via these social mediums.

The site also allows users to earn “advert-free” days with continued use.

We7 was set up in 2007 and has licensing agreements with all the major record companies. It is headed up by CEO Steve Purdham.


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