Web ‘breakthrough’ for ads

The Internet is about to witness a new era of digital poster and point of sale advertising, according to a new UK company gearing up for a full-scale launch next year.

London-based Direct Broadcasting Corporation (www.dbconline.com) claims to have developed a “state of the art, comprehensive media management suite” that allows users to control digital poster ad campaigns anywhere in the world from any Web browser. There is no need for any specialist software.

Once an Internet-linked network of digital sites has been set up, the advertisers will be able to manage campaigns themselves and to adjust ad content according to changing weather conditions, interest rates and other time-sensitive events.

There has been much talk about the potential for new media formats that can use text, video and sound and be instantly updated with minimal cost. But progress has been held up in the past by incompatibilities between technologies. DBC says it has overcome this hurdle by making its system Web browser-based.


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