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John Lewis’s festive TV ad has caused heated debate due to it depicting a dog left out in the kennel on a snowy day. The retailer says the ad may run in selected spots until 18 December. See the ad at mwlinks.co.uk/ johnlewisdog and read some of the online comments below.

John Lewis in doghouse
You can still buy doghouses, so why is it cruel to show one being used? Just out of shot could have been a heater and some treats. When I use my imagination, that scene shows the love of the dog from its owner.
Neil G

Does the middle class family at the end of the clip care about leaving the dog outside in the freezing cold? Do you remember a dog is for Christmas, John Lewis? Great production values but slightly heartless at the end. At least let the dog be able to get to the stocking.
Alan Bowman


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