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Ruth Mortimer’s column and associated blog taking issue with female-focused new product development and marketing in relation to the beer industry prompted online debate. Read the column at www.mwlinks.co.uk/frillybeer and see comment extracts below.

Driving women to beer

In answer to your colleague’s question, “But don’t women want to know there is a beer out there just for them? And doesn’t that make them feel like a brand is addressing their needs?” I’d have to say yes, we spoke with 30,000 women, many of whom aren’t traditional beer drinkers, and we brewed Animée based on the feedback that we collected from them.

We’re also using the insight we have gathered to inform the rest of the Molson Coors portfolio. In order to have more women choose beer, we need to look not just at marketing campaigns but glassware, packaging and the way beer is served. It has to be a whole drinking experience if we are going to make beer a real choice for women.

Kristy McCready, commercial communications partner Molson Coors

I have been involved in the craft beer industry in British Columbia for five years and have seen a tremendous growth in that segment, particularly among women. They are responding to the variety of flavours available, the new information available on food pairing and the breaking down of beer myths that previously dissuaded them from exploring beer in any depth.

Rick Green


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