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Mark Ritson’s column on the need for brand managers to pay attention to brand tracking prompted a flurry of responses. Read the original column at http://mwlinks.co.uk/ markritsontracking and see comment extracts below

Two sides of the track
Yes, tracking is important but with budgets tight it can seem an unnecessary expense to commit to research that only reviews what is going on. It might be best practice, but for many it is just too hard to actually commit to.
Rob Findlay

My question about the example Mark gives is whether his client has actually used the brand tracking data over the nine years, or whether it is just a history book. If it has not been used in anger then it is a waste of money.
Michael Johnson

Good article but I wonder how many of the 10% actually use the brand research in a meaningful or material way. Anyone can do research but what is done with the findings is the real test.

Brand evaluation doesn’t have to be a static, retrospective look back with no call to action. The best marketing analysis informs business decisions in a tangible way – not only what media to buy, but how to price promote, which shoppers to target, how to launch new product development and so on. High quality insights should do just that and more, so far from being an expendable wishy-washy byproduct of that new TV campaign, it should be regarded as the cheapest, hardest working part of the budget.
Joel Kaye, Kantar Worldpanel


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