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Marketing Week’s cover feature on how the marketing function is perceived in their company’s boardroom sparked a number of comments online. Read the feature at www.marketingweek.co.uk/boardroomverdict and see comment extracts below.

Marketers on board
It’s a marketer’s job to convey a problem in a way that the board understands – and that comes down to the same as everything else – money, time, return and the future. It’s OK to raise an issue from a marketing point of view, but so many fail to put it into a context that makes sense for the business as a whole.
Tom C

As a marketing manager for an international brand, I think marketers fail when there is a lack of understanding on the business operation as a whole. Marketers sometimes get too hung up on “doing marketing things” that we forget to ask ourselves what are the objectives and can we get anything from these. A good marketer needs to be a “jack of all trades” and experts in all.

I am head of online marketing for a national leisure brand. We are constantly having to justify ourselves to the board, reiterating points we’ve made over and over again for why we’re doing things. Boardrooms often think that marketing is a poster or an ad when in fact it’s a long-term business strategy that contributes to the bottom line.


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