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Editor Mark Choueke’s riposte to Guardian columnist George Monbiot’s negative view of the advertising industry written under the banner ’Advertising is a poison that demeans even love and we’re hooked on it’ generated a plethora of responses. Read Mark’s editorial atwww.mwlinks.co.uk/ToGeorgeMonbiot

Monbiot’s views are the product of a quasi-Manichean belief that the world of commerce is polluted and anything that espouses commerce is evil.

Commerce is not evil. It represents the best of man the ability to do a deal is perhaps our noblest quality. Without commerce we have war. Arguably, advertising is the one thing standing between us and the apocalypse.

The Guardian and its scare stories, along with the 24-hour news media, have talked us into a recession that can only be fought off by private industry selling its wares. Marketing evil? How righteous it would be if the newsmakers became the news.
Daren Bristow


Why loyalty schemes have mobile future

Marketing Week

Paul Godwin suggests that the future of loyalty programmes may lie in a universal card that is supported by a large collective of brands (MW last week). While this might free up space in people’s purses, going mobile has to be the logical next step. The Tesco and Nectar loyalty programmes are experimenting with mobile […]

Northern Rock: Virgin target

Make trust a priority

Marketing Week

Richard Madden hit the nail on the head with his article on brand trust (MW October 20). Banks are, of course, front of mind when we think of issues of trust and it’s great to see Sir Richard Branson announcing that ethics will be at the core of Virgin’s bid for Northern Rock we live […]

Time to play incentive card

Marketing Week

It is no surprise to hear about new retail loyalty schemes being launched (MW 20 October). Brands that already run such schemes are now seeing the opportunities that come with accessing data to understand their customers better, and to offer personalised promotions. The backbone of a loyalty programme is the data but card holders have […]


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