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Rebranding pwc-style

Mark Ritson took Pricewaterhouse- Coopers to task in his column last week and web readers pitched in happy to comment. Read the original column at www.marketingweek.co.uk/ Markritsonpwc and comment extracts below:

I agree with Mark on building the brand from the inside out and on not isolating the brand within a small team. It should be understood and incorporated into all the activities across the business, and therefore feel a much more natural, credible and internally owned (as opposed to externally-imposed) progression. But I think there’s a difference between “brand” and “branding”. There are times when branding has to be kept secret until it is revealed. But it goes wrong when that revelation is a shock and doesn’t represent the brand that people recognise. If the brand is a promise, it’s only sensible to make sure that the people who have to deliver it believe in it. In a service organisation such as pwc, that needs to be absolutely clear and respected.

I think these pwc examples highlight the importance of internal communications as a discipline, which is so often underestimated by marketers.
Especially in the area of business-to-business and even more so, in professional services, the demonstration or embodiment of the brand positioning by personnel (the physical evidence of a positioning if you will) has the power to make or break the millions of advertising pounds poured into media.
Ian MacDonald

I agree with the way the rebranding and communication exercise should have been carried out. However, given that the company has been referred to for some time now as pwc, and as a rebranding project goes, apart from playing with the identity – which I assume will not be great anyway – this is the equivalent of a British Petroleum to BP move.
Brian J Douglas


Comet is on the right lines

Marketing Week

Having read your news article “Comet promotes ’lifestyle’ and fun aspects of products” (MW 16 September), it is encouraging to see a high street brand with a progressive understanding of what the in-store experience means to today’s consumer. Comet recognizes that shoppers want to push buttons, open doors and ask a lot of questions when making major purchases. Web shopping, while often cheaper, does not scratch that itch.


Mother knows best

Marketing Week

The Mother’s Union calling on brands to sign Fairtrade-style pledges to protect children from advertising (“Brands urged to sign pledge to children”, MW 16 September) is in my view a PR stunt that promotes The Mother’s Union while doing little to protect children from harm.

word of mouth

Getting influencers on side is key to modern marketing

Marketing Week

I don’t think anyone would argue with the power of “word of mouth” (“Conversations on brands are vital”, MW last week), although this research is further ammunition against those that would doubt it. Personal endorsement is the best form of marketing you can get. On top of this, the arrival of social media has made it an even more important area for marketers to understand and harness.


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