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Comet’s sales challenge

Comet’s new strapline “Come and play” to help it reposition around lifestyle has attracted plenty of comment online.

Read the original story at www.marketingweek.co.uk/Comet play and a comment extract below.

By differentiating an in-store experience at the right price points, Comet can offer an in-store experience to the mass market. This increases its opportunity to sell, which ultimately provides a benefit to the customer and aligns to individual customers choice factors.

However, Comet needs to ensure that a customer seeking product knowledge makes a purchase at Comet, and does not just use the information gathered in-store to go online for a cheaper price at a different retailer.

Ikea ad is a catastrophe

Ikea’s new Happy Inside TV campaign featuring cats also drew several opinions. Read the story at www.marketingweek.co.uk/Ikeacats

Has the Ikea marketing department lost all sense? Has it overlaid potential shoppers against a database of cat lovers and thought “let’s use cats”

This ad is a waste of media budget and has no real strategy. A basic principle of good marketing is “don’t tell consumers how they should think or feel”. Ikea has blundered on Happy Inside.
Richard Wallace


Online retail must take international view

Marketing Week

Timeliness of delivery is also key to customer service and boosting customer loyalty, so delays caused by lost or misplaced goods or documentation cannot be afforded. If a solution is to be found, its ease of use cannot be underestimated. Since typing in a full address, rather than just a postcode, can consume up to […]

Use pay-as-you-go systems to develop relationships

Marketing Week

I read your article on “How to retain customers and build brand loyalty” (MW 9 September) with great interest. While using transactional data and web-based metrics is a good start in helping brands to build and maintain relationships, it is still only pecking around the edges of the wealth of customer data available from visitors’ […]

Traffic flow counts

Marketing Week

I accept that there is value in owning and mining consumer transactional data, but without a diverse range of products on the site, it’s going to be very difficult to attract any sensible level of traffic and make worthwhile correlations between behavioural trends. Perhaps the plan is for GSK Direct to become a broader online […]


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