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What price better health?

The news coconut water brand Vito Coco is ramping up its UK presence with a campaign featuring Rihanna prompted comment. Read the story here and see comment extracts below.

These guys have money! Rihanna definitely cost them lots of dollars. However, we don’t have Brazil’s climate in UK, nor the super healthy attitude that they have in the US.

Americans will drink even a bitter healthy drink to free them from the guilt of overeating and make them feel good. It doesn’t work like this here.

In addition to that, coconut water has a very awkward taste. It will certainly have a very limited market here.

I’ve been a fan of this beverage for years, but I’m not looking forward to the inevitable price hike that this campaign will bring. I might switch to another brand – there are plenty of other coconut water brands out there.
Sunita Anderson


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