Web-only gadget store unveils first brand ads

The Entertainer, owner of Gadgetshop.com, is preparing its first campaign for the website to tap into people’s affection for the now defunct high street brand.

The Gadgetshop, the self-styled “undisputed home of gadgets, gizmos and original gifts” was bought by The Entertainer after going into administration in March 2005 and relaunched as a web-only offering.

The parent company has now appointed media agency the7stars to work on the planning and buying for the campaign, which takes in London Underground advertising and outdoor activity in other cities.

The creative has been developed by the print design agency 490, which also works on Gadgetshop.com’s catalogue. Online marketing manager at The Entertainer Zoe Greenall explains that the creative for the marketing and the design catalogue will now be much more integrated.

Greenall says: “We are trying to get people who prefer to go into a shop or who still think the brand has gone to move online.”
The catalogue print run is also to be increased.

Greenall adds: “We are going for an older audience. We are traditionally associated with a young male audience but the higher proportion of people shopping with Gadgetshop is wealthier and older than we thought. It’s people with mortgages and their own house rather than students.”

The Entertainer is competing with a variety of companies that offer similar products, such as Iwantoneofthose.com.


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