Website focuses on London openings

A new website promoting the latest openings to check out in London hopes to allow advertisers to reach an international chic audience.

just opened is set to go live early in November and will cover restaurants, bars, cafes, shop openings, nightclubs, galleries and other cultural attractions that have opened in the previous month.

The founders have a background in international PR and fashion journalism and if successful hope the website can launch for other big cities.

Lauren Scott, who has worked at Freud Communications in London and New York, says that the website is aimed at the “accessible premium” market and targets “Those who live in the city because they love the city and want to explore it, global travellers and people who have friends who come to London and ask where to go and what are the talking points.”

Co-founder Kirsty Hathaway has worked at Vogue, GQ and Company magazines and is editor in chief at Beach Tomato, the website focused on beach lifestyles.

She says: “In London this year there have been so many restaurant openings and other events I feel that there is a market out there. Our premise is very simple – we are trying to help people and businesses who are still investing in the city of London.”

The website is sourcing information from PR agencies and other contacts and the team intends to introduce user generated content. They believe revenue will come from sponsorship initially “from smaller and more entrepreneurial brands”.

Future plans might include introducing a member’s club element for discount bookings.

London weekly listings magazine Time Out recently became a free publication with the publisher hoping to drive traffic to its internet site.



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