Website health claims blasted by ASA

A clutch of companies promoting health benefits for their products on their websites have come under fire from the advertising watchdog for misleading claims.


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned content on the respective websites. Company website content came under ASA regulation on 1 March this year.

Energise UK took down numerous claims on its website aimed at people looking at following an alkaline based diet after being challenged. The content included advice from a Dr Young, who is not medically qualified but has a PhD, saying how living an alkaline lifestyle “can help reverse” cancer.

Direct Healthcare was rapped for claims for its Electroflex Circulation Booster Massager, with website text stating that the product could “improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, ease aches and pains … fluid retention and numbness in the lower limbs” and “increase oxygenation and nutrition retention”.

Back Trouble UK, which offers treatment for back pain by an Osteomyologist, had a number of claims banned, including that its treatments could help with serious medial conditions, such as whiplash and arthritis.

In its adjudication on Back Trouble UK, the ASA pointed out that ad regulations say marketers must not suggest people can avoid essential medical treatment for serious conditions.



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