Webtrends simplifies data-in, data-out processes


With the release of Analytics 9, Webtrends has aimed to significantly enhance data integration from its web analytics platform. Using APIs, self-service access has been enabled to allow data from online and offline sources to be brought together quickly. “It has often been difficult to get data in and out of web analytics as easily as possible because they evolved separately to marketing and IT,” says Conrad Bennett, senior director, technical services EMEA at Webtrends. “With our technology we have taken a different approach so users have the ability to take their data into somewhere else.”

This recognises the growing trend for companies wanting to integrate data into a single business intelligence data warehouse operating on a Teradata or SAS platform. With the new interface, data collecting and trending within the application has been made easier, alongside exporting to other tools.

The company has also developed the Digital Marketing Maturity Model (DM3) as a benchmarking service. “It offers a series of scales to assess where you are in your lifecycle because marketers want to understand where they compared to their peers,” says Bennett.


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