Wednesday’s the day for frazzled flirting

It comes as no surprise to learn that people can’t work solidly for five days in a row – the Diary sometimes has trouble stringing five hours together – and now it seems a flirting network has proved it.

Last month Flirtomatic recorded an 18% spike in online flirting on Wednesdays. The company claims that workers return from weekends refreshed and enthusiastic, but by midweek, morale takes a hit, productivity drops off and attention diverts to various online pursuits. The Diary would concur with that but would substitute the words "knackered and grumpy" for "refreshed and enthusiastic".

Flirtomatic boss Mark Curtis comments succinctly: "The Wednesday flirting phenomenon backs up the notion that we can’t work solidly for five days."

It also explains why the lovely young thing in accounts, who was chuckling at all the Diary’s jokes in the middle of the week, dashes off like a startled fawn when she sees the Diary heading her way at 5.30pm on Friday.


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