Week 22: Health, wealth and well-being

As polling day approaches well-being is on the decline, says Doug Edmonds, managing director of 2CV

Doug Edmonds
Doug Edmonds

This week’s well-being drops by 5 points, registering this week at 38 and unfortunately setting the precedent for a period of decline as the General Election approaches.

Women and the 16-34 year olds appear to be driving this lull, with well-being dropping 9 points amongst the younger generation. Women’s satisfaction with their health and happiness significantly falls this week, suggesting that their fitness levels have an impact on their morale. Health and happiness levels both drop 13 points so now just 42% of women are satisfied with their fitness and 41% are in positive spirits.

The only age group to experience a boost in well-being are the 35-54 year olds, whose score increases by 3 points to 33%. As temperatures rise, happiness is also back on the up, rising just slightly by 3 points so now over a third (35%) are in positive spirits.

Despite the prospect of tax breaks for married couples if the Tories win the election, overall satisfaction with wealth across all ages and gender drops by 5 points. As petrol prices reach their record high, the older generation are starting to feel the pinch with just 35% now satisfied by their finances. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is still more than double the younger generation’s score as only 15% of 16-34 year olds report feeling content with their financial lot.

According to recent media reports one in five men have a savings account that their partner does not know about. Psychologists say that the more money that is stashed the higher a man deems his self-image and social standing to be. Just a quarter (25%) of men are content with their wealth this week, dropping 2 points. In line with the findings highlighted in the press, perhaps wealth levels are having an effect on happiness which also drops by 2 points (41%).

Here are the results by each demographic:

Young People
Satisfaction with wealth reaches one of its lowest levels yet, dropping 5 points to 15%. Health takes a massive tumble, falling 16 points so now just half (49%) are feeling in shape following last week’s bumper increase to 65%. Happiness also takes a fall, dropping 15 points to 38%.

Middle-aged band
As mentioned above well-being and happiness have increased, however, wealth remains fairly stable dropping just 1 point (19%). Health drops by 3 points to 31%.

Grey Market
Health is on the up for the older generation as the warmer climate rejuvenates and encourages outdoor activities with 41% satisfied by their fitness. Wealth drops 7 points (35%) and happiness falls 9 points (51%) to bring overall well-being down to 45%.


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