Week 30: Health, wealth and happiness index

As the sunshine finally makes an appearance, people’s well-being is also on the rise, says Doug Edmonds, managing director of 2CV.

The well-being index has a 6 point boost, registering at 43 this week. This is the highest for nine weeks and suggests a brighter spell for the nation’s well-being. Good news, at last.

Significant boosts across all aspects for the younger generation, the grey market and the female demographic suggest change is afoot in terms of people’s outlook and consequently their well-being. This is positive news for marketer’s, who will be looking to engage and capitalise during this period of certainty amongst consumers.

Two groups to look at this week are the middle-aged band and men; the only groups to register any decrease. With less than one fifth (18%) of 35 to 54 year olds questioned feeling financially satisfied clearly their money issues are weighing them down. The combination of the effect of the emergency budget on the middle-class, high earners, fathers with several mouths to feed and mortgages to pay is reflected across the two demographics presented this week. Not to mention England’s mixed performance in the World Cup, which is what is probably keeping them awake at night. With only a small decrease leaving middle-aged men the least to be happy about, it is important for marketers to note that they are still a significant contributor with huge buying power, so should not be ignored.

Here are the results by each demographic:

Young People
In contrast to last week, results amongst 16 to 34 year olds show a staggering increase across all aspects, suggesting the concerns of previous weeks have been resolved. Over half of those questioned are feeling healthier (57%) and happier (51%), providing marketer’s with a good opportunity to target their summer campaigns at the younger generation. Interestingly, exactly a quarter (25%) of those questioned are financially satisfied this week. As more government policies are put in place, perhaps this age group are feeling more optimistic about their future.

Middle-aged band
Unlike the boost felt by the majority of the nation, the outlook amongst 35 to 54 years is less positive. Whilst the data suggests the rest of the nation is finally feeling more settled under the new coalition government, figures for the middle-aged band indicate they are still uncertain, with just over one third (35%) of those questioned feeling content in terms of well-being.

Grey Market
As the wealthiest (42%) and happiest (52%) group this week, the data suggests the grey market (55-74 year olds) has entered a period of stability. Perhaps as the summer holidays approach, the older generation are feeling more optimistic as they look forward to spending time with loved ones and more financial stability under a new coalition government.


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