Week 39 – Health, Wealth and Happiness

Whilst the nation may not be feeling overly positive, the worrying declines of last week have ceased. By Doug Edmonds, managing director, 2CV.

The well-being index registers at 38 this week, a small increase following last week’s dip.

No significant increases or declines amongst the subgroups this week were recorded. In particular, the overall well-being amongst the middle aged band (33%), grey market (40%) and men (37%) is unchanged.

A relief to marketers, who would have been monitoring the concerning figures hoping it wasn’t signalling the start of a gloomy period ahead for consumers and brands alike. As campaigns start gearing towards the autumn, marketers will be eager for positive spirits amongst consumers to have the best chance at maximising opportunities available at the start of the season.

Happiness across the nation provides the most interesting statistics this week, with 48% feeling happy overall, giving the strongest indication that spirits are on the up. Of the subgroups, young people are the happiest, with 53% reporting a positive outlook. As more exam results are published this week, and reports claiming that the pass rate has risen for the 23rd year in a row, perhaps this is one reason behind the boost in happiness.

Similarly, the nation also appears to be feeling healthier this week with 45% of those questioned claiming to be satisfied, and overall increases reported across the board. Most notable is the six point increase (45%) amongst the male demographic, climbing back to the healthier lifestyle enjoyed before last week’s dip. Marketers could use this insight to see what other opportunities are available for campaigns geared towards healthier lifestyles.

Here are the results by each demographic:

Young people
A week of positivity for 16 to 34 year olds, with rises in health (49%), happiness (53%) and overall well-being (41%). With exam results bringing good news for many, perhaps this is one reason behind the 11 point boost in happiness. Whilst the future may be less certain in terms of university and employment decisions, the all important results bring some stability which will be vital as they make plans for the future.

Middle aged band
With figures for overall well-being (33%) and happiness (39%) remaining unchanged from last week, there is reassurance for marketers, who will be monitoring the mood of this influential demographic. A five point rise (29%) in financial stability amongst this group will be particularly interesting to watch over the coming weeks.

Grey market
As well-being remains stable with exactly 40% feeling content, and increases for health (44%), wealth (36%) and happiness (50%), indications suggests 55 to 74 years olds are experiencing a boost in spirits. A sharp contrast to the substantial dips reported last week.

Note – This column will now change from weekly to monthly. The next Health, Wealth and Happiness index from 2CV will appear in October.


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