Welcome to your new Marketing Week

Marketing Week has launched a new, fully responsive website for use on mobile, tablet and desktop – but users will need to remember to register to continue using the site for free.

Welcome to Marketing Week, reimagined for 2014.

We have rebooted our website – now at Marketingweek.com – to create a more curated, modern reading experience. It’s fully responsive, meaning that you can access exactly the same content whether you’re reading on mobile, desktop or tablet. We’re running it in beta and adding more functionality every week, so your feedback on what makes it better for you is welcome.

You need to register – but it’s still free

You may notice you have to register to use the site for the first time. While Marketing Week remains free, we’ve created a streamlined website registration process. This is vital for us to ensure we have enough data to understand our readers and continue to evolve for the future. Without the ability to personalise and understand your needs, we simply can’t do the best job for you.

Marketing Week was launched 36 years ago to connect and inform the burgeoning marketing community in the UK. It was ahead of its time, with a dedicated data page and razor-sharp focus on skills and capabilities.

Marketing Week has the same mission today as it always did: to sit at the heart of the marketing community and provide the analysis, news, trends, intelligence and career guidance that helps you achieve marketing excellence.

But we know that you are seeing your companies, roles and competition are undergoing a rapid transformation. So we are rebooting Marketing Week for a mobile and digital age.

Our changing content

This isn’t just a cosmetic change online (and in print). Our content has changed too. We’re focusing on the following areas:

  1. More curation. We know you’re time poor, so both online and in print, so we’ll be doing the heavy lifting and leading on the most important issues you need know rather than simply the latest events.
  2. Why is more important than what. We don’t just want to tell you what’s happening in the marketing industry, we will help you understand exactly what it means for you.
  3. More practical marketing tactics and strategies. We are here to help you develop skills that ensure you have the career you want.
  4. Highlighting our unique selling point – our access to the senior client marketing community. We’ll be bringing you more views from marketers around the world each week than any other brand.
  5. More data to help you make decisions. We know that modern marketing is built on data (the chief marketer will spend more on tech than the CTO by 2017, claims Gartner) so we’ll be providing you with more data.

We’ve changed a few regular elements on the magazine too. We no longer features letters to the editor in the print magazine. This doesn’t mean we don’t value your contributions – absolutely the opposite.

We believe that a conversation should be two-way and in 2014, that means hosting digital comments online. We have moved to the global standard for commenting – Disqus – which should make it easy for you to add your views whenever and wherever you want to.

We have also gathered some of our popular existing content in a new page – Marketing Insider – that brings together our Secret Marketer, Marketoonist and the inside track on what’s trending on the website.

But enough about the detail; there are some bigger ideas at play too. We don’t believe a modern media brand should be defined by format. So our mobile, digital and print editions are tied together in philosophy, content and design. We’re also introducing Blippar so that you can move quickly to online content using your phone while reading the print magazine.

We hope you enjoy your new Marketing Week. But most importantly, it is your Marketing Week – by marketers and for marketers. So do get in touch to let us know what you need by emailing me directly: ruth.mortimer@centaur.co.uk.



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  1. Ben Davis 20 Oct 2014

    Looks great. Congrats

  2. Functionality and usability-wise I can see what and why you’ve done it but there’s a lot more scrolling involved 🙁 Not sure about the logo either but it’s early days yet. Well done for being brave, MW.

    • Ruth Mortimer 24 Oct 2014

      Thanks Richard! Sorry if there is too much scrolling…..I’m afraid we rather like infinite scrolls….and we’ll try to convince you on the logo! Hopefully though it is a better experience than our old website though.

  3. gingergeezer 27 Oct 2014

    Revamp is a mixed bag – why no index? Navigation is vague to put it kindly. ‘This Week / People’ could mean anything. More specificity required. Content is, as always, excellent but I would much prefer to be pointed to areas of interest rather than aimlessly wading through the whole thing.

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