Wembley Arena seals beer deal

InBev UK, the maker of Stella Artois, has signed a deal to become the exclusive beer supplier to Wembley Arena. It has signed a two-year deal with the site’s owner Quintain Estates and Development.

The deal follows a £30m revamp of Wembley Arena, which was completed in 2007, in a bid to reignite interest in the venue. The deal will be driven by Beck’s Vier, which was launched two years ago, but its Stella, Leffe and Staropramen brands will also be available.

InBev, which also has a deal with Quintain’s 02 venue, replaces Scottish & Newcastle as the venue’s exclusive supplier.

James Saunders, managing director of town as businesses at Quintain, says the company “looked forward” to establishing the partnership with Beck’s Vier.

Wembley Arena is surrounded by Wembley City, which is understood to be one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe, and aims to transform the area around the iconic Wembley Stadium and Arena into a destination in its own right. It will include a mix of retail, commercial and leisure space.


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