We’re sweet on honey

The Diary is always eager to keep its little nook of Marketing Week alive with glitz and glamour. so it’s with great pleasure that we present another "stunna" from the world of marketing, whose name begins with Ais.

Following in the footsteps of the Diary’s favourite promotions girl, Aisleyne off Big Brother, comes the alluring Aisling Walshe, receptionist at BD-NTWK, who, at the time of going to press, was number 43 in this year’s FHM High Street Honeys competition.

Some 8,000 girls entered the competition and Aisling was delighted to have made the final 100.

Aisling has only been with BD-NTWK for a month, and wasn’t planning to tell her bosses about entering the competition. But the young and trendy types at the agency soon spotted her in the booklet accompanying this month’s FHM.


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