Mates gets friendly with the faster sex

Marketing Week

Is this the Witness Relocation Programme’s annual day out? Or a publicity photo from MI5 staff’s latest car-buying spree? Sadly it’s neither. Pictured and pixelated are the contestants from the Formula Woman Championship, the UK’s first all-female motor racing event championship, which Mates condoms has agreed to sponsor. Les Dawson fans will be disappointed that […]

ASA upholds Egg objection to Halifax ad

Marketing Week

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint by financial company Egg against rival Halifax for a press campaign with the headline “Egg beating”. The ASA has ruled that the headline is misleading because Halifax does not offer better rates than Egg, and has asked the bank not to repeat the claim. The advertising […]

Promotions at Zurich financial services

Marketing Week

Zurich Financial Services has promoted Simon Foster to be top marketer for Zurich Life, while at the same time poaching back a former Zurich Life marketing director Kevin Ronaldson to head Zurich Advice Network. Zurich has also confirmed that former marketing director of Zurich Bank Richard Popper has left the company.


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