Westbay and UD test clear spirits as vodka and gin hit whisky sales

Bacardi company Westbay Distributors has test-launched a clear bourbon, Tom Moore, in an effort to rejuvenate the brown spirits market.

The news comes as United Distillers confirms it is testing a “blond whisky”, Jackson’s Row, in pubs and bars. The tests come against a background of declining sales for whisky, as its market share is attacked by lighter spirits such as vodka, white rum and gin. Both UD and Westbay believe clear whisky can provide an alternative to brown whisky, with its older profile of drinkers.

Tom Moore bourbon is on test in bars in Glasgow. Its advertising uses the strapline “The difference is Clear”, although Westbay denies it is launching the spirit nationally.

The tests come as all the leading companies gear up to launch new spirits brands. Westbay is launching its Bacardi Spice rum brand, and Seagram has announced plans for the national launch of its own spiced rum, called Morgan’s Spiced. International Distillers & Vintners is rolling out its Moscow Mule brand, which is a vodka mixer.


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