Western Union programme to air this week

An advertiser-funded programme put together by money transfer company Western Union goes on air on ITV this Saturday.

The 30-minute programme, called Western Union World Football, has been produced and distributed by CSI.

CSI is one of the biggest sports TV programming production companies in the world and was recently bought by Lowe’s Octagon group.

The programme will be broadcast in more than 100 countries and features soccer news from around the world, with an emphasis on the sport in the emerging nations.

In the UK, the programme is called World Football and is sponsored by Western Union to meet ITC guidelines.

The concept, which was initiated by Premiere Consulting, affiliated to the DMB&B Group, aims to generate brand awareness for DMB&B client Western Union using bumper credits.

Jim O’Toole, managing director of Premiere Consulting, says: “This is an international programme to address an international brief. Western Union operates in 140 markets. The UK is just one element of that.”

The programme will be made in English and Spanish, and also in a blank version so each country’s broadcaster can dub the footage with a local voiceover.


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