Weve primes display ad services

The joint venture between EE, O2 and Vodafone will launch a mobile display ad tool called a demand side platform (DSP) that will help advertisers better target its mobile subscribers.  


Each of the shareholders claims the DSP will provide a high degree of targeting, as it can use aggregated data on the 15 million-plus mobile users signed up to Weve to better place ads on mobile devices.  

The company hopes this higher degree of targeting will be able to command a higher premium from advertisers and therefore making Weve’s DSP able to return higher return on investment for publishers. 

Weve launched late last year after receiving clearance from European Union regulators and is positioning itself as a one-stop-shop for mobile advertising and commerce services for brands. 

Currently, Weve offers mobile advertising services via SMS and MMS, and is also developing m-commerce services using NFC technology and QR codes.  



YouTube stars coming to the fore in branded content

Seb Joseph

Brands have long turned to so-called YouTube stars hoping to be handed a formula for viral success only to be frustrated in their search. Kellogg’s, Chevrolet and Cadbury are among a small group of brands now going a step further and co-creating content with the platform’s top talent in a bid to access millions of potential advocates for the budget of Beyonce’s hair products.