WH Smith ad to interact directly with TV viewers

WH Smith begins its first major interactive ad campaign this week.

WH Smith begins its first major interactive ad campaign this week.

Viewers of Open and Sky Digital will be able to go online directly from the ad to find out more about the campaign’s “Amazing Adventure Gifts” – and make immediate purchases.

The 30-second ad, which runs for two weeks, will also appear on terrestrial TV, but without the interactivity. The ad signals the start of WH Smith’s heavyweight Christmas activity.

As an Open content provider, WH Smith is capitalising on its ability to take viewers from the ad directly to its website without paying additional production costs.

Jez Groom, group head of online media buyer Starcom IP, which put the deal together, says: “This is ground-breaking, and a natural progression for a client which has invested significantly in new media platforms to expand its sales channels.”

Groom claims WH Smith is the first high street retailer to embrace TV interactivity, “signalling its desire to exploit new opportunities.”

Kate Kennedy, managing director of WHSmith.co.uk, adds: “WH Smith is the first multi-channel retailer to offer consumers the opportunity to shop over such a wide range of channels, including interactive TV. We are watching with interest to see how the Amazing Adventure ads drive sales.


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