What a capital idea…

I was very interested to read your article on Garmin and City AM’s campaign to get people running in their lunch hours (MW last week).

Focus: Garmin targeted Londoners

What a fantastic idea especially given that in these difficult times people are working longer and therefore exercising less and eating more ready meals and junk food.

So why is it that, yet again, such a scheme is being targeted purely at Londoners? As the bankers in London are the reason for the rest of the UK working longer, having less exercise time and seeing less of their families, I cannot understand why companies such as Garmin continue to run these schemes – which should be run nationally – solely for the capital.

They may be promoting their products in the City but it will no doubt have the opposite effect in the rest of the country. Now where is my Nike sports watch catalogue?

Mark Williams, Group Business, Development Manager, Van Elle, Notts


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