What can I get for you, little fellow?

Tucking into a spam jacket (potato) at lunch, the Diary noticed that, in last week’s news story about Durex’s new international marketing director, Marketing Week’s reporter mentioned the launch of Close Fit – in our words “an extra-small condom aimed at the adolescent market”.

Clever work, Durex. You’ve told your target market that you think its members are poorly endowed. Not that teenage boys are insecure about their anatomy or anything.

The Diary can see it now… “Please could I have some condoms, miss?” “Why certainly. Which ones?” “Er, Close Fit please.” “Oh, you mean the extra small ones?” Cue boy leaving shop.

And this after all the Government’s efforts to cut teenage pregnancy rates.


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British Gas is launching a £150m scheme to alleviate fuel poverty, in partnership with local authorities and five charities. The energy company is considering an advertising campaign, through BMP DDB, later this year to publicise the initiative, called the Home Essentials for Life Project (HELP). The joint initiative, which will target some of the UK’s […]

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COI Communications has split its standby advertising account between WCRS and Walsh Trott Chick Smith, stripping Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) of the business. The two agencies pitched for the account against Publicis and the incumbent. COI says the financial value of the account is impossible to estimate, as the agencies will be asked to create […]


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