What consumers say about Triple G brands

“Plan A and Fairtrade are not just for show.”
“It uses organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance products where possible. It has introduced Shwopping.”

“It provides great value and is very accessible for my retail needs.”
“I have had many years of excellent service. I use it every week now.”

John Lewis
“This seems to be the ideal model for business where it looks at more than profit. It offers high-quality service for both customers and employees.”

“So many people trust it, it has to be seen to be completely trustworthy.”
“A good, responsible company that I have never heard anything negative about.”

Yeo Valley
“I like the product very much and I like the ethics of the company.”


The truth is out there for online data

Tess Waddington

You article ‘Battle for web data moves to the ‘frictionless’ social log-in’ hits the nail on the head; when used correctly, identity can be the key to online consumer engagement for all brands. One of the greatest benefits of the social network era is access to declared first person data. From age to marital status, […]


Brand Audit: Greggs

Seb Joseph

Declining sales have forced Greggs to announce a reshaping of its business strategy. The merits of its push to compete more directly with chains like Pret a Manger in the food-on-the-go market are debatable, but data shows the retailer still has a solid brand platform to work from. 

Secret Marketer

Will future businesses becomes less structured?

David Coveney

Regular readers of this column will know that I am sceptical of the role of social media in a business environment. While I understand the role it can play in business to consumer communications, with the likes of TripAdvisor building a successful business off the back of it, I’m not convinced of its value in the business to business world.


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