What marketers are saying about the agency of the future

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Kellogg former UK marketing director Kevin Brennan (now at Premier Foods):
“Brand strategy is where agencies can differentiate themselves and add value. Clients are crying out for more strategic thinking from their agencies. I want agencies to come through our door and not be afraid to challenge us.”

Boots UK executive marketing director Elizabeth Fagan: “You get a feeling early on whether the talent within an agency is right for your brand. For their part, clients must be clear about their own brand strategy and what is important to their customers. When they are clear about this they need agencies that ‘get’ their brand strategy.”

Bacardi global brand director Christian Woolfenden:
“In an ideal world we want a group of agencies, led by one, that can genuinely work together to get the best results. We need to see that a network can provide the right consumer insight so strong creative ideas can work internationally. Our agencies must have a ‘global local’ approach.”

More Than marketing director Pete Markey:
“Our agencies must keep up with us and find ways to engage with our audience daily. For this to work they must be our partners and feel part of our business. Regular engagement is critical to ensure success in such a fast moving sector as ours.”

Barclaycard Freedom marketing director Sarah Alspach:
“We need creative ideas from our agencies that can be executed cheaply and there will be more opportunities for bespoke work if an idea can connect with consumers quickly. Agencies are not delivering integrated thinking where it is the idea that drives the work, not the channel. Agency people talk that language but few deliver it. Big agencies make most of their money from TV and that drives them. Some of the most interesting thinking at the moment is coming from independent agencies.”

Best Buy Mobile US chief marketing and merchandising officer Jude Buckley:
“We look to work with marketing agencies and disciplines that can connect on the ground at a very local level, town by town, store by store.”


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