Whatsapp it all about? Data

Any efforts to integrate advertising on the WhatsApp platform will negate the user-experience and most likely drive people away. 

So what is the commercial advantage of paying such a high price for the company? As Lara’ O’Reilly’s article states, this must be rooted in the value of WhatsApp’s customer data set.

The purchase has now given Facebook access to millions of phone numbers and intimate conversations worldwide. This rich data can be used to enable its advertiser’s to data-match and enhance ad targeting capabilities. Facebook’s latest app permissions update now means it can read user’s text and MMS messages for keywords. The purchase of WhatsApp will likely see an extension of this, enabling Facebook to fill in the gaps in its own data and provide greater insights to target its own users with more appropriate advertising.

Andrew Pringle, head of performance media, Performics (part of ZenithOptimedia)


Content, video and value

Video should be considered as part of any content marketing strategy. Engaging editorial content is likely to be taken seriously and trusted, delivering greater long-term returns when used in conjunction with channels like social where video, especially microvideo, is content gold.

Consider adding interactivity and the context in which it will be consumed, but don’t get hung up on production values – if the content is strong and the story crafted and edited well, that’s what counts. For relationship-building you’d be better off investing in
a lower budget series than a one-off high budget affair.

Neal Anderson, digital director, Publicis Blueprint


Viewability will never be a level playing field. There are too many externalities such as video length, autoplay, muted sound, editing, accidental clicks or paid views. 

Your best hope is to measure the likelihood of someone expressing their like or dislike of a video
at any moment. That way you can measure, even timestamp, viewability by the opinions viewers express. Brands such as Nowness, funnyordie and Reviews.cnet have made successful businesses of this. 

After all, do you watch a YouTube video with millions of views and 2,000 dislikes and think – wow, what’s everyone watching this for?

Matt Wright, audience insights manager, Adjust Your Set


Co-creation can work

The Co-op’s #Haveyoursay campaign will certainly divide opinion as to its rationale, as your article states

Sam Noble says it smacks of desperation, but co-creation can work when done right. 

Consumption is no longer just about purchasing a product; it has transformed into a way for consumers to interrogate the product itself. This has created a drive for brands to deliver better value. The Co-op campaign measures satisfaction in a unique way, giving customers the right to share ideas to build a community. 

But positive change can only happen with constructive commentary, and allowing yourself to trend for the wrong reasons is only going to cause headaches. 

Daniel Todaro, managing director, Gekko