When you’re all white in America

After reading Polly Devaney’s column “US wakes up to minority marketing demographics”, (MW last week) I was almost brought to tears.

It is a well-documented fact that the US has long homogenised its ethnic mix. I was particularly amused by Devaney’s comment in the last paragraph that it seemed “amazing” that US marketers had overlooked African-Americans for so long. Haven’t they ever watched the Cosby Show or seen the Jackson Five, Whitney Houston or rap-artiste Snoop Dogg before? It is only the naivete of white-American marketers that has led to this negligence.

I look forward to what Devaney might write about next – perhaps, topically, it should be about how the Americans won the Second World War at Pearl Harbor, rather than watching their fleet get bombed out of the water.

Dan Marshall




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