Who are the fans watching the Rugby World Cup? Profile #2: ‘Rugby Veterans’

Marketing Week and Experian have identified four types of Rugby World Cup fan, revealing the interests most likely to be shared by consumers buying tickets and engaging with the England 2015 tournament.

‘Rugby Veterans’ perhaps would have found themselves in the ‘Rugby Prime’ group in their younger days: 18- to 34-year-old city-dwelling professionals drinking expensive spirits and taking upmarket breaks abroad. But now these middle-aged rugby fans are more likely to have teenage children and large suburban houses.

The Rugby Veterans group is one of four fan profiles created by Marketing Week and Experian using the data company’s AudienceView research tool, combining demographic data with website browsing behaviour to reveal the brand and product categories Rugby World Cup ticket buyers are actively interested in.

This group consists of men aged 35 to 54 in senior professional positions with high incomes over £55,000 per year. They don’t spend much on going out for food and drink, being more likely to eat in or get a takeaway, but they do go away for short breaks in the UK and continental Europe as well as taking cruises. Tennis and golf are among their favourite sports away from the rugby pitch.

For all Marketing Week’s analysis on the marketing around Rugby World Cup 2015, visit our dedicated event page.



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