Who’s the one that’s wet behind the ears?

The Diary sometimes wonders if companies send in stories that are part of someone’s bizarre fantasies rather than reports on events that have actually happened.

Take the staff at agency Rufus Leonard. They went to a lot of time and effort coming up with a press release to convince the Diary that they had fulfilled the dreams of company underlings the world over in managing to get their directors into old-fashioned stocks to have wet sponges thrown in their faces. These stifling summer afternoons must really be affecting the imaginations of Rufus staff.

To be fair, pictures of the well-earned soakings were attached – the images no doubt cobbled together with PhotoShop – along with a claim that the peltings took place at a summer fête to raise money for Rufus Leonard’s participation in the Micro-soft Challenge, which raises money for the NSPCC.

Ten out of ten for trying, but you’ll have to come up with a more believable story to catch the Diary out.


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