Why Iain should be in nationals

May I rally to the cause of Iain Murray against the injustice of the vitriolic, and wholly unwarranted comments made by Paul Vitties (MW December 11 1997)? As a reasonably well balanced member of the community, I look forward with delicious anticipation to which subject Mr Murray will pontificate on, cogitate on, or just generally pass devastatingly sarcastic comment on each week. His perception and ability to wickedly savage his prey is quite astounding. When Marketing Week finally reaches my name at the bottom of the readership list, I immediately turn the dogged-eared and well-read copy to the back page. Thursdays aren’t Thursdays without Iain Murray’s thoughts and out-pourings on the world today, which sometimes are those that the “brain-washed into political correctness” among us think, but dare not utter. Some sharp observations have found me incapable of speech, tears falling from my eyes, (not an easy achievement for a cynical soul such as myself). Why isn’t this genius of an author syndicated through the national press for all to enjoy? (Doubtless the tabloids would have field day after Mr Vitties remarks, launching a National “Save our Iain Murray”, T-shirts mugs etc, the marketing opportunities would be endless!) No disrespect to Mr Vitties, but please get a sense of humour! Keep up the good work Iain.

C Lake




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