Why NLP is such a powerful tool

As a trainer who has been using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) over the past 12 years, I believe Iain Murray’s article “Bass lands on planet of the apes” (MW May 8) is unfair. NLP is not limited to “establishing a rapport by aping personality and conversational style”.

It is a tremendously powerful method to improve communication. When expertly delivered, it has proved highly successful to a vast number of service providers, teachers, performing artists, athletes and corporate managers.

NLP is a collection of ideas, an approach, a positive and empowering way of thinking that has won an excellent name among our clients. However, like all powerful tools it comes with a health warning. Any organisation wishing to incorporate it into a training programme must rigorously examine the skills of its provider, who should be fully conversant with the subtleties, versatility and potential impact on individuals if they are to beneficially apply it in a commercial context.

Used correctly NLP can enable people to achieve quantum leaps in their personal and commercial effectiveness. Should Mr Murray, or any Marketing Week readers, wish to experience NLP successfully in action, I would be very happy to arrange it.

Marcus Child

Director of training

Managing the Service Business




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