Why restructuring is part of the modern marketer’s life


Viewpoint: Zoe Howorth
Market activation director, Coca-Cola Great Britain


Restructuring is a part of life in marketing and that’s because the old marketing models are no longer effective – all consumers (not just edgy teens) consume media in a different way.

They are busier and have so much more to interact with. Cue the now normal scene of mum multitasking on her laptop with The X Factor in the background while she texts her best friend to make plans for next week.

Marketers need to stay current with their approach to communication. An understanding of social and digital media is essential because these are the new channels that people live among. But this must be complemented by an understanding of experiential marketing in the ‘real world’.

For example, for our Coke Christmas drive in 2011 we took the Christmas truck from our ad and travelled the length of Great Britain meeting more than 1 million people as well as building interactive content that resonated online through our Coke Zone website.

Knowing how to operate in both the online and offline world with the same campaign is an essential skill marketers will need in the future if they want to be in demand for the best jobs.



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