Wi-Fi access makes stores interactive

Providing customers with web access in-store is a bold attempt by John Lewis (MW 27 October) to enable a truly crosschannel marketing approach that combines today’s interactive power channels – email, mobile, social, web and display – with the traditional bricks and mortar experience.

Incorporating Wi-Fi into the retail experience makes shopping interactive and digital. It is also an innovative way of gaining permission to contact customers across online channels and establish their preferences.

Not only will John Lewis gain a customer’s contact details when users sign up to the wi-fi, but by monitoring users’ interaction the brand will gain invaluable information about their shopping habits and purchasing decisions. For example, John Lewis will be able to understand which channels “digital champions” use to research purchases or to tell their friends about special offers.

John Lewis is responding to the rise of the online consumer who expects to be targeted with personalised and timely communication, across web-enabled devices that can be accessed on the move. In order to remain competitive, other retailers must ensure that they continue to innovate in a similar way to remain relevant in a constantly connected world.

Simon Robinson
Senior director marketing and alliances EMEA, Responsys


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