Wilkinson Sword readies £20m Hydro campaign

Wilkinson Sword is launching a television campaign for its newly launched Hydro razor range as part of a £20m marketing investment in the brand.

The TV ad is part of Wilkinson Sword’s £20m investment into marketing the range, which it claims is its “biggest ever” marketing spend.

The ad builds on Wilkinson Sword’s ongoing strategy to use metaphor to demonstrate the product benefits by illustrating the a transformation of something rough and unpleasant being shaved away to reveal something beautiful and relaxed.

The creative features several characters all being drenched with sudden bursts of water to demonstrate the ‘instant hydration’ the product offers.

Wilkinson Sword says its “engaging and entertaining” ad aims to break away from traditional ads in the shaving market that drive a purely functional message.

The 30-second ad, created by JWT New York, breaks today (18 October).

It will air during TV programmes including The X Factor, The Gadget Show and The Inbetweeners, targeting 25 – 34 year old men.

The campaign also takes in print, outdoor, digital, PR and in store.

Wibke Stoffers, marketing manager of Wilkinson Sword, says: “Excellent in store visibility and strong promotional offers are set to convert mass awareness into mass trial.”



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