Will Apple take a bite out of ITV?

We were mulling over the subject of an Apple move into TV at the Royal Television Society Convention in Cambridge in September last year, so it was interesting to read Mark Ritson’s take (MWlinks.co.uk/RitsonITV).

Some of the financial media journalists were saying it made sound economic sense for Apple. Clearly there are going to be a lot of changes in brands and offerings, possibly happening faster in some cases than some viewers behaviour. And no doubt these takeovers/ mergers etc, will impact viewing in the long term.

But let’s not forget it’s not just a brand name that could potentially be on offer here to Apple. The beauty of ITV is its ability to deliver fantastic (what we call) ‘compromise TV’ that people can agree on and often enjoy together more than watching privately. Very exciting times for those at ITV – and us watching this space.

Sarah Pearson, via online