Will BA’s new motto give it enough creative licence to rekindle pride?



According to BBH co-founder and group chairman Nigel Bogle the new strapline was “something that a copywriter wouldn’t have thought of, because it comes directly from the brand’s core values.”

Speaking at the premiere of the ’Aviator’ TV spot at BAFTA yesterday, Bogle elaborated:

“British Airways had to come up with a strong concept that was able to speak to both consumers and staff at an emotional level. There’s a desire from both consumers and staff for the brand to succeed, which is very rare for a company of British Airways’ size.”

With the airline investing £5bn in improving customer services, BBH have used a combination of hard-hitting imagery and long-copy in a series of print executions to accentuate the motto, To Fly. To Serve. The 90-sec ad reiterates this with tailored storytelling to truly engage consumers.

Perhaps the question this choice of motto really highlights is the role of an agency. Can an agency help to shape strategy earlier on in the branding journey – or will agencies always be broadly consigned to simple branding techniques like finding the ’perfect strapline’. In this case BBH didn’t create the motto, rather it found ways of working within it.

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