Will your own 2015 predictions come true?

It’s that season again. Not just the festive season, but the trends season.

As we move into December, the predictions for the hottest marketing trends of 2015 will start appearing thick and fast.

Marketing Week is no exception, so look out for our article this week on most interesting trends that marketers should watch out for over the next 12 months: everyday feminism; personalised pricing; dark social; post-demographic consumerism; and rejection of established industries. We talk to businesses including Yahoo, Guardian News & Media, LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics and others about the impact of these trends on their organisations and plans.

What is interesting about these trends is that there are developments occurring in attitudes, behaviour and thinking; and alongside that, more technical developments in technology. That’s because the trends that tend to truly revolutionise how we live, do business or behave encompass both areas – the thinking and the execution.

The same could be said of one of 2014’s biggest trends – programmatic marketing. The automation of marketing has been heavily discussed, although the theory still tends to outweigh the practice for many businesses.

We ask experts for their views on programmatic here, in a guide that accompanies our Get With the Programmatic event on December 4, in partnership with AppNexus. As programmatic moves firmly into the strategic marketing area, we want to help you understand what it means for you.

We have also collaborated with our sister brand Design Week to bring you a taste of the digital Design Week Creative Survey 2014. This interactive tool aggregates award wins, allots points and presents the most highly awarded brands and agencies so that marketers can understand who is doing the most creative work.

We also ask marketers from brands including ITV, Thomas Cook and Baileys, why, in a world of programmatic and automation, the creative spirit still really matters.

While trends may sound slightly ephemeral as a concept, true brilliance ultimately relies on everything coming together – strategy, people, creativity and execution, whether manual or automated. That’s a vision most of us would be pleased to achieve in 2015.


Brainstorm ideas

Brainstorm Ideas

Tom Fishburne

Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at marketoonist.com or on Twitter @tomfishburne See more of the Marketoonist here.

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