Women ‘take in more TV ads than men’

Women are more responsive to television advertising than men, and advertisers trying to target both sexes should consider additional ads through male-biased media, according to a survey by CIA MediaLab.

The survey, carried out by CIA sister company OHAL, found that women are 11 per cent more responsive to television ads than men.

CIA says there is a “significant threat” to advertisers targeting campaigns at all adults. In addition to being less responsive to ads, men tend to watch television less as they work longer hours, go out more and die younger than women. In October, for example, ratings for women across all channels were 127,000 compared with 103,000 for men.

David Fletcher, head of CIA MediaLab, says: “Women can multi-task in a way that men can’t, taking in ad messages despite the usual distractions of conversations that are an inherent part of ad breaks. The implication for advertisers is enormous. It suggests new approaches to address the gender differences are required.”

But he warns that if advertisers try to target men through other television ads, they will pay a high premium. Instead, they should consider using other media such as the Internet or magazines aimed at men.


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