Woodland Trust launches carbon accreditation

Brands will soon be able to use the Woodland Trust “Carbon Code” logo on packaging, marketing and advertising to communicate their efforts to reduce carbon impact.


The conservation charity is launching the UK’s first government backed carbon accreditation scheme to help brands communicate their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Waitrose, Eurocamp and Penguin Books owner Pearson are among the first companies to sign up to the scheme.

The Code aims to provide business with guidelines for estimating carbon removal and give brands and consumers confidence in environmental claims. Several companies have been accused by environmental groups of “green washing” in marketing activity in recent years.

Woodland Trust says the scheme allows brands to focus their activities in the UK and demonstrate a commitment to local communities, rather than overseas offsetting.

The organisation says UK based projects have better resonance with UK consumers.

The Trust’s Dr Nick Atkinson says: “The Woodland Carbon Code puts woodland creation on the map as part of the UK’s response to climate change. Businesses looking to voluntarily support tree planting can have confidence in the claims made around carbon removal whilst at the same time demonstrating their environmental commitment to their customers. ”

Waitrose will use the accreditation on a initiative to plant trees every time customers use its on-line grocery delivery service .

Pearson will plant trees to balance out the carbon emissions from the buildings used by its Penguin business.



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