Woolworths launches phone recycling scheme

WoolworthsWoolworths is launching a new recycling service that will pay people for their old mobile phones. The high street retailer will promote the scheme online and expand it to include printer cartridges and plastic bags next year.

The website recyclewithwoolworths.co.uk launches this week and phones will either be refurbished and sold aboard or recycled. The retailer will pay between £3 and £130 for each phone sent in, dependent on make, model and condition of the handset.

For each phone recycled, an additional 10% of its value will also be paid to the company’s charity Woolworths Kids First. Jodi Saul, manager of Woolworths Kids First, says the service will make people think twice about throwing away old phones. “Putting a mobile phone in the bin is a waste. It takes up landfill space and could damage the environment,” she adds


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