Woolworths stages Wispa launch publicity stunt

Woolworths has tightened security at its Peckham branch as it takes delivery of the first Wispa bars. The move, a rare publicity stunt, aims to cash in on the hype around the revival of the Cadbury-owned chocolate bar.

Wispa, a popular chocolate bar in the Eighties, was reintroduced last year after being axed in 2003, as first revealed in Marketing Week (MW June 20, 2007). The company was hoping to use a limited edition relaunch to create some nostalgia around the Cadbury brand, but it has reintroduced the bar after strong sales.

The Woolies store in Peckham was the first to receive stock this morning (September 22), and it hired security guards to deliver the “sought-after bars after news of the launch leaked on several Wispa Facebook sites.”

The retailer says that it expects to sell the entire stock out today.

Ian Mackie, chocolate bar buyer at Woolworths, says: “The Wispa bar is back by popular demand and flying off the shelves already. Excitement and expectation driven by Facebook fan sites has fuelled demand and it will be a tough job satisfying demand.”


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