Wrigley bags Ashton Kutcher to push tooth health benefits of re-branded Extra

As the product merges with sister brand Orbit, Wrigley is looking to push the tooth-cleaning benefits of its Extra chewing gum through an ad campaign featuring Ashton Kutcher.

The global ad, which launches 1 Jan, sees Kutcher “break up” with a slice of pizza and look to the gum brand in order to get rid of lingering food and protect the health of his teeth.

The ad comes at the same time as a £15m refresh of Extra in the UK, as Wrigley’s Orbit gum is being rebranded under the same name in an effort to tap into Extra’s sales success.

While the existing gum flavours will not change, the company will launch Extra branded packs for Orbit peppermint and spearmint flavours and the range will see two new soft-chew variants, strawberry and bubblegum, hit UK markets in order to attract younger consumers.

The ongoing oral care campaign is an effort to promote the benefits of chewing sugar-free gum that the brand believes few people know about, such as the increase of saliva production which helps to wash away food particles.

Orbit gum saw sales drop 10.6% year on year to £11.9m according to IRI data as of 6 Dec, while the Extra brand grew 2.2% to £209m.



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